Back from the Field

PhD student, Marina Scalon, is just back from a field trip to South Australia:  Whyalla Conservation Park is located within the north-east Eyre Peninsula (South Australia). The climate is typically arid, with an annual average rainfall of 271 mm, long hot summers, short cold winters and a large diurnal temperature range contributing to high evaporation rates. The Western myall (Acacia papyrocarpa) is the predominant tree species with an under-storey of Bladder saltbush and Bluebush. Mistletoes are abundant in the area, which confers an ideal site to be sample! Five mistletoes species were sampled in the area and around Adelaide region: Amyema quandang,Amyema miraculosaAmyema preissiiAmyema miquelii and Lysiana exocarpi in 9 different hosts.

Amyema mircaculosa flowers, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Marina measuring gas exchange, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Amyema miraculosa on Myoporum platycarpum, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

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