Science at the Shine Dome 2015

Rachael and Ian recently attended “Science at the Shine Dome 2015”, an anual event and 3-day talkfest at the Australian Academy of Sciences where new Fellows are inducted in to the Academy, various early- and mid-career research (EMCR) awards are made, prizewinners give talks about their research, and EMCRs participate in a range of workshops. Ian was awarded the 2015 Fenner Medal – an award recognising distinguised research in biology, commemorating the outstanding contributions to Australian science by the late Professor FJ Fenner (who, among other things, oversaw the use of Myxoma virus to control plague rabbit populations). Here’s Rachael and Ian looking their fancy best at the annual black-tie dinner: DSC_1120 … and Ian attempting to describe global variation in leaf size to a general science audience:

“Science at the Shine Dome” Day two, Canberra on May 26, 2015. PHOTO: MARK GRAHAM

… and the 1950s sci-fi beauty of the Shine Dome at night: DSC_1110


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