Welcome to Ian Wright’s research group website in the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University.

In much of our work we investigate the functional ecology and ecological strategies of plants –  the “how and why” of differences among species in their structural, chemical and physiological traits – and the implications of this variation for larger-scale processes. For this we use a variety of approaches, ranging from fine-scale anatomical or physiological studies to global-scale analyses of trait variation, to developing and testing optimality-based theory for plant function. We run fieldwork in a variety of systems, from the wet tropics to temperate woodlands to the arid zone.

In current projects we also are studying biogeographic patterns in the Australian flora; using spectral sensors and drones to detect plant pathogens; taking a proteomic approach to study heat-tolerance in eucalypts; and investigating the ecological effects of seed predation by insects and parrots on Nothofagus moorei.

We like to use a variety of approaches to ask all sorts of interesting ecological questions!